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Murder/suicide rocks Parfait Harmonie

By KNews | Filed Under News 

- Husband glues wife’s mouth shut after giving her poison, hangs self

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Lawyer charged with bribing murder victim’s wife


Fifteen years of domestic abuse came to a tragic end yesterday morning for a young couple of Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.


The usually quiet neighbourhood was rocked by news of a murder suicide.

Just around 11:00 hours, neighbours found the bodies of 30-year-old Kathlene Mo-A-Lin, and her husband Alfred Etwaroo, in their home at Parfait Harmonie. They had been altered by the couple’s three children.

The couple’s unfinished home in Parfait Harmonie.


The woman was found lying in a pool of blood in the couple’s living room while her husband’s body was found hanging from a rafter.

A bottle containing a poisonous substance was discovered in the couple’s living room.

The woman’s relative said that when they discovered the bodies, the woman’s lips were sealed with what appeared to be PVC pipe paste.

Relatives suggested that the man used the paste to keep his wife’s mouth close so as to prevent her from screaming and alerting neighbours.


Relatives cry hysterically at the scene.

“He had to use de paste to close she mouth because she wudda never drink that poison willingly.”

A source close to the investigation said that from all indications the man held his wife down, force fed her the poison and then glued up her mouth shut.

The source further told this newspaper that the man also appeared to have ingested the poisonous substance before hanging himself.

“We believe that after he (husband) see like the poison aint working he hang himself with bed sheet”.

The woman’s relatives told this newspaper that Mo-A-Lin endured years of abuse from her husband. A sister of the dead woman said ‘that as recently as last week the man told a relative that he was going to kill his wife, himself and their three children.

Another relative said that this was not the first time that Etwaroo had threatened to kill his wife. She said that on several occasions they also had to prevent the man from hanging himself.


“Is nuff time we had to cut he down from rope because he trying to kill he self,” the relative said.

Yesterday, as relatives converged at the couple’s residence there was not a dry eye. The woman’s three sisters cried hysterically when undertakers removed their sister’s body and that of her husband.

One sister was heard saying, “Oh Alfred, you didn’t have to kill her if you and she couldn’t agree with certain things. Y’all should have separated.”

Another relative said she thought that the couple was doing fine since they were building their dream home in Parfait Harmonie.

Relatives are now contemplating their next move to complete the house.

The woman leaves to mourn her three children and countless relatives.

Sunday, August 9, 2009 |