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Guysuco guards feared abducted in Lusignan


Two Guysuco watchmen are believed kidnapped after they went missing at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara.

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Sookram Dhanai, of Non Pareil, and Hardat, of Annandale, are both believed to have been abducted as they were keeping watch in the Lusignan backdam, some time between Friday night and yesterday morning. No demands for ransoms have been made.

Two more sugar workers missing, feared dead

In May two Guysuco workers Sampersaud Taranauth and Maikhram Sawh disappeared while cleaning a canal at the Vigilance back dam, leaving their bicycles and lunch boxes. They have not been seen since and it is widely believed they were killed by gunmen operating out of nearby Buxton.

Yesterday the police and army launched a search but found no trace of the two men, though a bicycle and several articles of clothing were recovered. Family members were meeting with the police late yesterday evening trying to identify the recovered items. Buxton was among the areas that were searched.

Worried relatives kept vigil at the men's homes up to late yesterday evening waiting any word on their whereabouts while the police continued their search into the night.

Sookram Dhanai

"Me can't say if he dead or if he punish; this worse than if he been dead," said Khemraj, Hardat's brother, who was waiting impatiently with relatives and friends of the missing man.

Stabroek News was told the men, who were good friends, were guarding punt slings at a place called 'Spring Bridge.' Relatives only discovered what had happened when the two men failed to return home yesterday morning. The men were due home at 6.30 am, but a few hours later, Guysuco officials informed their worried families that the men were missing.

Dhanai, known as 'Rohit,' is said to have been working with Guysuco for the last fifteen years. He is a father of three.

Hardat, known as 'Jogi,' has been working as a watchman for the last five years. According to his brother, the Medal of Service recipient had previously been a champion cane-cutter until sickness forced him to take up the security job. He is a father of two.

"They got a we hanging," his brother said, "we nah know what to do."


PM Hinds 'distressed'

At his Main Street residence last night, Acting President, Samuel Hinds said he was distressed and disturbed at the abduction of the two workers, who he said were described by relatives as average, working men.

The disappearance of the men, Hinds said, brought back memories of the two workers snatched earlier this year.

Hinds said the abduction brings to mind the words of Eusi Kwayana, who had said in the past that there are extreme persons out there whose agenda is to set Guyanese on each other.

"Kwayana certainly has his differences with this administration, but he gave that warning some time ago. Mindful too, the President had spoken out against those who make our differences a problem rather than work towards reconciliation."

Expressing the hope that the men would return unharmed, he said the families of both men were hoping for the best as well. Hinds disclosed that he and a delegation had met with the families earlier in the day and had been told of how hardworking the men are.

Displaying the Medal Service that Hardat received from then President, Hugh Desmond Hoyte, Hinds said, "This was a dedicated man who served his country."

The Acting President revealed too, that he had met with members of the Defence Board on the matter and he was satisfied with the security measures that were in place. He said the Guyana Defence Force and the police force would be mobilised in efforts to find the men, adding that the search would continue until whoever was responsible for the abduction was brought to justice.

Hinds added, "our commitment as Guyanese must override all considerations."

After reading his statement, Hinds said he was not taking any questions from the media.