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Popular bar owner shot dead

A popular bar owner from East Coast Demerara was shot dead last evening by bandits who robbed his hangout bar.

Gopaul Mohan called ?Bobby', 41, of Second Street , Montrose received three shots to the head from a .32 pistol and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) at 21:15hrs last night.

His assailants, two men who were customers of the shop, escaped on foot after snatching up an undisclosed amount of cash which was scattered on the floor of the bar.

According to reports, Mohan, his wife Shoma and a waitress were in the bar while the men sat drinking at the counter.

When it was time to close up, the businessman's wife left the bar and went into their house while the waitress stood outside.

The men had just ordered two more bottles of beverages.

Seconds later, the businessman's wife heard several explosions along with the screams of the waitress.

When she rushed back towards the bar, she almost crashed into her husband who collapsed in front of the door leading to the house.

As the men were fleeing they dealt the waitress several lashes to her face with their gun, causing her to sustain injuries which were subsequently treated at the hospital.

Several family members then picked up the mortally wounded father of two and rushed him to the GPHC. But by then it was too late.

?He get three shots to he head and he ain't bleed plenty,? a family member said.

Residents said they heard about six gunshots.

The police were summoned and they combed the area but could not locate Mohan's killers.

The businessman had survived a previous attempt on his life.

Family members said that almost a year ago he was shot twice in the back during another robbery attempt.

Several top police officers including the Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner Leroy Brummell visited the scene.

Detectives retrieved six spent shells and investigations are continuing.

 Wednesday 09-20-2006