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Bar owner murder…

Killers were regular patrons

It may not be long before police capture two men who shot and killed Montrose businessman Gopaul Mohan called ‘Bobby' at his bar on Tuesday night.

The dead man's wife Surojnie Somra called ‘Shoma' told this newspaper the men could be identified since they had visited the bar on at least three previous occasions.

“I see then like two three times. But dey just normal customers and dey laugh and talk normal,” the woman told Kaieteur News.

She said that while the men were not from the area, they had visited the bar before and she now believes that they were planning their move during the earlier visits.

“It got to be…like dey de checking how de business does run,” Somra said in an interview yesterday.

She said on Tuesday night there was nothing about the men's actions that gave her any indication that they were up to anything sinister.

Recalling the events before the fatal shooting of her husband, Somra said that she and her husband were in the process of closing up the bar even as the two men sat at the counter drinking.

This was after most of the other customers had left.

She said that although she normally sells in the bar, on Tuesday night her husband offered to help her to pack up, while the waitress assisted in bringing in the chairs and tables from outside.

According to Somra, during the packing she experienced a pain in her stomach and left and went inside the house which adjoins the bar.

“When I go in de washroom I hear he seh ‘Shoma, whey you deh?', and by time you hear pow! pow! pow!”

Somra said that after the gunshots, her husband called her name three times and when she rushed to him, he had already collapsed to the ground.

“We start scream and de other girl start scream. You know because dey hold down de girl and beat she but I didn't know, is when she come and tell me how dey beat she and we start screaming fuh help,” Somra said.

She said that the telephone service to her house is out of order so she had to use her cellular phone to call for help.

She said that after the shooting, relatives and friends picked up Mohan and rushed him to the hospital.

The waitress was also treated for injuries she sustained during the incident.

According to the dead businessman's wife, the killers emptied a drawer behind the counter of all the cash except for a few twenty dollar bills which were scattered on the floor.

Somra said that the police were prompt in their response.

“I wuk very hard and I gat me children fuh look after…I will continue my business yes but ah gat to know wha I doin. You ain't feelin safe,” she said.

She recalled that her husband was shot two years ago just after leaving home to buy fish from the Meadow Bank wharf.

It was about 04:00hrs and Mohan was heading towards the public road when he saw two men approaching him, covering their faces with masks.

On that occasion Mohan turned back and ran into his yard but the men fired several rounds, hitting him four times.

He survived the October 30, 2004 attack.

His wife said that she was planning to mark the occasion with a special promotion, since her son's birthday is also celebrated on that date.

Police sources said that with the description given they have a fair idea of who the perpetrators are and it is just a matter of time before they are caught.


Thursday 09-21-2006