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On decision not to promote ex-army officer David ClarkePresident says he is vindicated
Monday, 09 March 2009

At a press conference today at the Office of the President, President Bharrat Jagdeo stated that the report that retired army major David Clarke has been indicted on drug trafficking charges in the United States has vindicated his earlier decision not to promote him when he was still a member of the security forces.

   Letter writer Michael Maxwell  Dorian_Massay-fraud

            David Clarke, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend have been arrested and indicted of conspiring to import over five kilograms of cocaine into the US and to distribute it, according to reports. He is at present in a New York jail and is set to testify against Roger Khan, another accused drug trafficker.

President Bharrat Jagdeo addressing the media at a press conference at the Office of the President on March 9, 2009

         President Jagdeo, in response to a question by a reporter, noted that, in May 2003, he had refused to promote Clarke after he received information that did not paint the retired army major in a good light. Clarke was the only officer that was not promoted from the recommended list of officers.
The President further stated that he later found out that the Army had sent Clarke on an overseas training programme and immediately instructed that he should be recalled, as he suspected that the decision to send Clarke on the training programme was meant to be some kind of compensation for not being promoted.
            The President noted that final authority for the approval of promotions rests with him as Commander-in-Chief and many persons who disapproved of his actions would probably be unable to look him in the face now.
            David Clarke was the officer in charge of ‘Operation Tourniquet’ which was a joint operation with the police force to arrest the violence that followed the jail break on February 23, 2002. However, it has been reported in the media that Clarke, instead of stopping the violence, appeared to have facilitated the movement of the criminals in and out of Buxton.

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