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Duct-taped accused robber in court

Mortland Bobb

A mason-mechanic accused of attempting to rob a woman in her home using the ruse of asking for a drink of water was yesterday remanded to prison by Acting Chief Magistrate Cecil Sullivan while an arrest warrant was issued for his alleged accomplice.

It is alleged that on Monday last, Mortland Bobb, 25, of 2511 North Ruimveldt attempted to rob Enid Norville in her home at Norton Street, Lodge.

According to the police reports, a man went to Norville's home and asked for a glass of water. She reportedly opened her gate and allowed the man to enter her premises. When she left her back door open and went to get the water, two men seized the opportunity to enter. One allegedly grabbed Norville around the neck while the other ran further into the house and choked her 13-year-old daughter. However, Norville and her daughter were able to raise an alarm. The men then fled but Bobb was reportedly held while trying to use Durban Street as an escape route.

Bobb pleaded not guilty to attempting to commit a felony. The matter will continue on Tuesday.

The accused was represented by attorney-at-law Paul Fung-A-Fat. The defence counsel told the court that his client's jaw was broken after a vigilante group gave him a beating after they accused him of attempting to rob a woman. They then secured him to a lamppost with duct tape.

Fung-A-Fat also asked the magistrate to grant an order for Bobb to go to the hospital for medical attention to his jaw. It was granted.

Meanwhile an arrest warrant was issued for Bobb's alleged accomplice, Rayon Hernandes of `A' Field, Sophia.

h, 2003