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Reader Comments
  1. Raymond Persaud UNITED KINGDOM says:

    Dear Mr Editor,

    Can u please say if this is the same guy that was dismissed from the Army after he went on training in the Uk and stole someone credit cards?
    And also if he is the one that was associated with Oliver Hinckson recently with the arms find?

    I guess if he his, the PNC/R will be on the streets soon protesting and their lawyer (Hughes) will be there defending him as usual.


    Moderator’s note: The same person

  2. mackydog UNITED STATES says:

    Is it not a rule that when one is on bail from the courts and is charged for another crime one should be refused bail? Isn’t Dorian Massay on bail for being charged with a crime along with co-conspirator Oliver Hinkson? How come Dorian Massay got bail again?
    He is a trained soldier who was sent to Sandhurst Military Academy in the U.K and then deported. He surely has other skills that he can use to make a living otherwise.
    For Dorian Massay, if it ain’t one thing it’s another. When will the courts stop him?

    SandHurst first GUYANA says:

    Just who do you think you are? How do you know i was deported in the first place? Were you there? I guess not!! Oh and by the way i am on self bail for the possession for my personal effects which were taken from my home by the police.

  3. Raymond Persaud UNITED KINGDOM says:

    While he may have other skills (having been selected to go to Sandhurst) we can see a trend here, he does not want to work hard like many other Guyanese.
    I saw recently that Linden does not have jobs, why don’t the young men move to Skeldon and the other estates and get jobs as canecutters – Answer – it is hard work.
    I read somewhere that at Skeldon they have build accommodation for workers, I am sure the other estates can do the same.
    Guysuco is crying out for workers……I did cane cutting at weekends while growing up on weekends and during the school holidays. It make u appreciate how hard u have to work and u tend to spend your money wisely and take your education…..

    Chemist BARBADOS says:

    Mr. Persaud if you observe the world economy you would realise that sugar in not one of the products that is given priority. Question is why is so much emphasis being placed on that and not the other resources. Do you know the history of Mc’kenzie or I dare call it Linden. This area has never and will never be an area of interest to the current Govt. for more than reasons, I will leave you to figure if you haven’t as yet, but because of small minded politics a vital natural resource is lying under the ground, suffering bread from a certain group of people, while emphasis is placed on producing an item that is not doing the country as a whole much benefit, just a fortunate few. Just observe some of the major sugar producing countries are diversifying. Time to stop begging the EU to buy sugar and produce things that they will beg us for. We have it.

    batooba UNITED STATES says:

    For your information mr persaud i can see you don’t know your history well. Do you know in the seventys when sugar was not doing well on the world market bauxite from this same linden used to keep the guyana’s economy afloat .

    Chemist BARBADOS says:

    Mr. Persaud Brazil is not building eight new sugar factories, they are ehtanol refinaries for which they will be using cane sugar. Can you say how much sugar Guyana is importing from Central America and why? Local production cost is one of the reasons, production shortfall the next Sir.

    Chemist BARBADOS says:

    Guyana has one of the highest qualitiy of Felspar, do some research Mr. Persaud.

  4. optimistic pessimist UNITED STATES says:

    Eh eh, is who mek yall judge, jury and executioner. Bannas dese are allegations. Even in Guyana one is still presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    If it was yall who get caught up in police story, regardless of whether yall do de crime or not, yall will want to be given dat courtesy.

    Lighten up mackydog et al.

    mackydog UNITED STATES says:

    optimist pessimist,
    Lighten up for what? Dorian Massay should be in prison not granted bail again. It’s because the courts have “lightened up” on him that he can continue to do what he is doing.

  5. borntwice UNITED STATES says:

    Why is the person out on bail he had some many brushes with the law and the embarasment he caused fellow guynese while he was at Sandhurst is a little too much to give him a pass. It seems the this would not be the last time law enforcement will have to deal with this guy. Time for him tom get a real job and live a straight life. Because there are only so many free passes you will get in life.

  6. DreamAtlanta UNITED STATES says:

    I didnt know Mr. Massay was a Sandhurst recruit . Sad that he was unable to take advantage of such an opportunity and honor that so many other cadets would desire.

    Anyway he is definitely unable to walk the narrow path period.

  7. theslickone UNITED STATES says:

    To those who question the court’s granting of bail to Mr. Massay you should know the true character and essence of bail. Both in the British and American systems of common law it continues to be held that bail cannot be used as a punitive measure against an accused; rather, its purpose is to ensure that the accused keeps himself available for trial or other pre-trial matters as deemed fit by the court. In other words, if Mr. Massay is considered a serious flight risk, the magistrate may find that remand is the best way to ensure he is available for court appearances: Concommitantly, if his counsel can convince the court that he will be present when scheduled to do so, bail will likely be granted.


    Dorian hold your head up,,,Ignore the haters, “AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. So many haters, so little time.

  9. Raymond Persaud UNITED KINGDOM says:

    I think you have some of the facts all mixed up Mr Chemist, Brazil is currently building 8 new factories, each 3 times the capacity of the one at Skeldon. Secondly, sugar is a renewable resource and at the moment Guysuco has problem producing enough to meet the Caribbean and other markets. With regards to the EU markets, if we in Guyana receive the same subsidies and other payments the EU farmers receive we will produce at a lower cost than the EU. The arrangements for them to buy from us is a historical one and is a sort of “hedging” where we sold them sugar at a reduced price ages ago when sugar was a luxury and now that the have other sources they are pulling out – not gentleman-like u will agree I am sure.
    With regards to bauxite I know the following, due to the high over burden (extra cost to remove), low grade of alumina, distance to transport and no processing facility (to get aluminum), mining bauxite was uneconomical in the past. You should not forget that it in not renewable.
    I do hope that with the shortage of metals worldwide it will one day become economically viable to extract but then again we have the rising fuel costs.
    Now all I was saying is that there are jobs in the sugar industry and I would think than anyone is welcome to apply….

  10. bgsbny UNITED STATES says:

    ….. one of the things we have in bbbbbboobobountiful quantities is natural beauty
    in landscape and people ,, but for the destabilisation employed as one of the main tools of the pnc!,, look at the city ,, its what the tourist,, stranger ,, visiting dignitary,, et al sees leaving the a/port ,, and then the criminal elements ,, come out of the wood work ,,, !

    and their plan is working ,, it is why the “man who wants to be king” is engaged in the wholesale destruction of the city ! ECO – adventure tourism ,, is some $45 billion/annum globally ,, a large share of that could be ours to enjoy ,, now here is where i say the mediocrity and visionless policies of the JAGDEO administration is wanting ,,, but only for the ability to control the criminal elements ,, by doing this ,, they would have to revert to the MO of the pnc ,, who dare to destabilise KING KONG will feel his wrath !

    sugar in GY,, should long have been abandoned as an export commodity ! it has been a destructive force for many in the past and still is and should be cultivated only for domestic use !,,,,evolve with the times ,, diversify the economy ,,
    channel the natural resources,,in the diversification of economic development use what there is ,, do not try to reinvent the wheel,, rather,, just embellish it ,, but such activities is demanding of large doses of VISION ! examples abound of this type of economic activity,, no need to xerox any of them ,,, but be unique by using the lemon you have to make lemonade !,,,,, we have the essence ,, landscape and people ! in bbbboooobbountiful quanties
    wah we lackin,, is cooperation ,, from all involved ,, — stakeholders — and those in the diaspora ,, that need to stop condemning and lend support in a positive way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is so simple to see their “play pen” games !