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Family member attacks bandits with stones

By Neil Marks
AN ALEXANDER Village, Greater Georgetown resident risked his life in fighting off armed bandits who attacked his brother's family business in the area Friday night.

Family business

Debra Persaud said that around 19:30 hrs she was sitting in a hammock in front of the wholesale business outlet at Third Street when she saw five strange looking men walking towards her.

Debra Persaud (wife) said she also received lashes from the cutlass, including one across her chest.


She said she alerted her husband, Deoraj Jagdeo, telling him that the men looked like thieves.

Deoraj Jagdeo

The men attacked Deoraj, lashing him on the back with a cutlass.


No sooner had Jagdeo emerged from inside his store than the men attacked him, lashing him on the back with a cutlass.

Continuous blows followed, Jagdeo told the Chronicle.

One of the five men stood in front of the store.

According to eyewitnesses, he had one gun each in his two hands, while two others were strapped about his waist.

Jagdeo's brother, Jerry, was just opposite where the robbery was taking place and he soon saw what was going on.

He pelted a `good size brick' at the man who was beating Persaud.

The man with the gun started firing in Jerry's direction and he constantly dodged the bullets, which shattered the glass on the right side doors of his car.

Jerry said he continued to hurl stones as he wanted to prevent the man from going towards a parked mini-bus, which his niece was in.

Randy Jajdeo (the son)

The men also beat the businessman's son, Randy, using the butt of the gun to hit him on the head.

Meantime, the men also beat the businessman's son, Randy, using the butt of the gun to hit him on the head.

The businessman's employee, Hemchand Manbodh suffered the same fate.

A security guard who was in the shop at the time was also beaten, and his money and jewellery stolen.

According to Persaud, she had put together $416,000 to deposit in the bank on Friday, but she ran late, having had to take care of relatives who arrived in the country that morning.

The bandits took off with that money and other valuables belonging to the family.

Jagdeo said the stolen cash was what he collected from two days' sales.

He imports dry goods for wholesale.

When the men calmly walked away from the area, Jerry said he was about to enter his car when neighbours told him that his right foot was bleeding.

Then is when he found out that he had been shot in his right leg. He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for treatment and was home yesterday.

Irate residents said they called the Ruimveldt Police Station when the incident was ongoing, but they were informed that the station does not take reports over the phone.

"When bullets firing all about, who they (the Police) expect to go to the station?", one woman angrily asked.

Jagdeo said that after the incident Friday night, two Policemen showed up at their place and casually talked to them.

According to Persaud, Randy and Hemchand were told to go and take a medical at the GPHC, but they soon left as no consideration was shown to their disposition at the time and they were asked to sit and wait on a countless number of persons.

Jagdeo said he was told not to open his store until the Police returned.

However, up until 13:00 hrs yesterday, no Police rank had visited, he said.

Sunday, August 25, 2002