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Chain snatcher attempts to swallow booty in police presence

 By KNews 

A man snatched a chain being worn by a young man from Essequibo, yesterday, but his escape was thwarted by the presence of the police in the area and by public spirited citizens.

The gold chain that was recovered from the thief

The victim related to Kaieteur News that he had just arrived in Georgetown when the incident occurred on James Street, Albouystown.

Fractured arm - five-month-old baby

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According to the young man, three individuals surrounded him and one of them grabbed his chain and ran. The other two hurriedly departed in different directions.
However, police were able to pursue and capture the one with the chain. The thief had fled the scene and with the public spirited citizens hot on his heels and with the police in close pursuit, he managed to make it to Sussex Street where he ran into a yard.
He was soon nabbed by his pursuers and handed over to the police. He had the chain in his possession and tried to swallow it and it took the police everything they could do without hurting him to retrieve the chain.
When the man failed to swallow the chain he tried to slide it into his underwear even as the police had him pinned to the ground.

Police ranks escort the chain snatcher to the lockups


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