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Body on Greenfield foreshore...

Labourer confesses to rape and killing

Police on the East Coast of Demerara are expected to charge a 24-year-old Mahaica labourer for the murder of a Sophia woman whose body was found last Friday on the Greenfield Foreshore.

The labourer, who was one of five persons detained shortly after the body was discovered, confessed to killing the 45-year-old woman who was subsequently identified as Carol Augustus.

Under intense interrogation, the man from Cambridge , Mahaica, reportedly told investigators that he and another group of men had seen the woman wandering in the Mahaica area early last week.

A reliable source told this newspaper that the labourer confessed to having sex with the woman twice, before strangling her and drowning her in the Atlantic Ocean the day before her body was discovered.

Relatives of the dead woman were reported as saying that she disappeared from her home several days before her body was found.

They claimed that the woman was of unsound mind and would usually wander off but never for long periods.

Before the confession, investigators had long suspected that Augustus was murdered, but could not find any clue to aid their suspicion.

However, they got lucky when at least two persons claimed to have seen the woman alive early on the day her body was discovered.

Several persons were arrested and one of them led police to the labourer who was last seen with the woman when she was alive.  

Wednesday 07-27-2005