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Tape should be handed over
According to a news report there are security cameras at the Buxton Gas Station where the murder of the owner Brian Hamilton recently took place and that the tape from the cameras are reportedly in the hands of a senior Attorney-at-Law.

If this is so then this senior attorney should without failure, if he has not already done so, let the Police have it so that the murderers can be apprehended and put before the courts as quickly as possible. No further time should be lost.

Tapes - Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, Canada

For one thing, if this attorney does still have the tape then his life will be in danger unless in some way he is protected by some special dispensation which makes him invulnerable to harm and this will give us pause to consider such a factor.

The public should know if and when the tapes are handed over.
Marcia Williams