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Roger Khan exposed ‘army officer’s links to Buxton gang’ -lawyers say
By Stabroek staff | June 22, 2008 in Local News Lawyers for Guyanese drug accused Roger Khan have alleged that he was instrumental in the removal of a senior Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officer from his post because of the officer’s reported links to members of the criminal gang in Buxton.

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Man gunned down in Kaneville

 By KNews | Filed Under News 

–father loses third son to gang warfare

A 27-year-old man was gunned down early yesterday morning in Kaneville, East Bank Demerara, to become the third member of his family to die in a gang war that has simmered for eight years.
The body of Brendon Charles, of Lot 914 Fourth Field, Kaneville, was found around 06:00 hrs lying facedown in a yard in First Field.
Charles’ body bore a single gunshot wound to the chest. However, no bullet casings were found at the scene.

Barbot Paul riddled with high-powered weapons    (weapons from the Army)  

Ex-soldiers Oliver Hinckson

He is believed to have been slain around 01:15 hrs, since residents recalled hearing three gunshots around that time in the area.
From reports, Charles was killed by a group of gunmen who had recently been inquiring about his whereabouts.
Relatives implicated at least one of the gunmen in the execution-style killing of two of Charles’ brothers. Deion Charles, 23, was gunned down in 2002, while his brother, Devon Charles, 21, died in similar fashion in Agricola in 2005, allegedly at the hands of now-dead gunman Jermaine ‘Skinny’ Charles and his associates.
Their parents, Kenrick Charles and Marva Cuffy, have now lost all three of their sons to gang warfare.
A woman who resides near the house where the body was found told Kaieteur News that she heard three gunshots. The woman and her husband peeped outside but saw nothing, and therefore returned to bed.
She said that they went outside at around 06:00 hrs and spotted a cap lying in the yard to the south of their residence.
At first, they merely assumed that someone had run through their neighbour’s property, but then they spotted a sandal on the neighbour’s bridge, and another in the yard.
The woman said she identified the sandals as belonging to her friend, Brendon Charles.
Shortly after, the neighbour emerged from her house and spotted Charles’ body lying near her fence.
Another resident also recalled hearing three gunshots around 01:15 hrs. The resident said that he did not look outside but heard persons running past his home.
Kenrick Charles, the slain man’s father, said the dispute between his son and the suspects escalated a few days ago, after Brendon became involved in an argument with a female associate of the men.
He said that a scuffle then ensued between the woman’s daughter and his son.
Mr. Charles said that on Tuesday, some of Brendon’s friends informed him that two of the women’s friends were planning to kill him.
According to Mr. Charles, one of the men spoke to Brendon that same day and reassured his son that he had no intention of harming him.
The victim’s mother, Marva Cuffy, said that her son spent most of Friday at home. But around 20:00 hrs, he said he was going “to get some breeze”, and left the house.
Ms. Cuffy said that around midnight, one of the suspects came by her home and inquired about Brendon’s whereabouts.
“He ask where Brendon deh. Give me he phone number.”
But Ms. Cuffy said one of her daughters warned her that the man wanted to harm Brendon.
After he left, the woman contacted her son and warned him that the suspect was looking for him.
“I tell him that (name given) walking on the main road and looking for him and he must be careful, and he say ‘alright mummy,’” she recounted tearfully.
Brendon Charles is survived by a son and two daughters, aged eight, three and two years. His reputed wife is also expecting.
Speaking about the tragedy that has dogged his family, Mr. Charles said that he witnessed when his son, Deion Charles, was gunned down in 2002 by one of the men suspected of killing Brendon.
According to him, some of the gunmen had accused one of his sons of killing Devon Cambridge, whose bound and bullet-riddled body was found in D’Urban Backlands in 2006.
Then in June, 2005, his other son, Devon Charles, was gunned down in Agricola.

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