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Bandits rob fishermen, escape in waiting boat
Four armed, masked bandits confronted five fishermen on Monday afternoon while they were fishing at the mouth of Berbice River and relieved them of two 24-horsepower outboard engines valued $1 million.


 Two 24-horsepower outboard engines valued $1 million

They then fled in a waiting speedboat.

Four men who had on masks and were armed with long guns

According to a police source, about 18:30 hours on Monday four men who had on masks and were armed with long guns arrived in a speed boat and ordered Somdat Gairam, 43, of Lot 63 Meadow Bank, East Bank Demerara, and four other crew members to lie facedown in their boat.

The men then stripped the vessel of two horsepower outboard engines.

The source said that after committing the robbery, the bandits sped off in a waiting speedboat, leaving the five fishermen stranded at sea.

No injuries was reported and the matter was reported to the police.

Early this year several fishermen also met the same fate, as Gairam and his crew, in the ancient county robberies of this nature are common.

The police are continuing their investigations.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003