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Montrose businessman was shot 14 times

A post-mortem performed yesterday on the body of Montrose businessman Gopaul Mohan, revealed that 14 bullets were pumped into the body.

Police sources confirmed that, during the autopsy, the pathologist discovered the fresh bullet wounds in several parts of Mohan's body.

At least three of the wounds were found in Mohan's head.

The finding adds another dimension to the investigation, as police are now trying to ascertain if robbery was the real motive.

Mohan was gunned down on Tuesday night at his bar in Montrose, East Coast Demerara by two men who posed as regular customers.

His wife, Surojnie Somra, had stated that the men stole a quantity of cash from a drawer behind the counter.

There are reports that when the businessman staggered after receiving the first gunshot, one of the men discharged several rounds into his body.


Police recovered ten .32 spent shells.

Investigators say that they were given a very good description of the killers, and they are confident that it would not be long before these are captured.

The dead man's wife had told this newspaper that the men could be identified, since they had visited the bar of at least three previous occasions.

I see them like two, three times, you know; but dey just normal customers and dey laugh and talk normal, the woman had told Kaieteur News in an interview the day after the killing.

She said that while the men were not from the area, they had visited the bar before, and she now believes that they were planning their move during the earlier visits.

She said that, on Tuesday night, there was nothing about the men's actions that gave her any indication that they were up to anything sinister.

Saturday 09-23-2006