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Husband, wife allege beating at hand of Regional Vice Chairman

 By KNews 

Amit Poonwah (left) and his reputed wife Tanisha Mangal.

Amit Poonwah, 20, of Bath, Mahaicony and his reputed wife, Tanisha Mangal, are alleging that they experienced a sound thrashing at the hands of the Region Five Vice Chairman, his wife and daughter.
Poonwah visited this newspaper yesterday and with visible marks of violence about his body, related his harrowing tale.
The young man told this newspaper that his ordeal began on Wednesday as he was leaving his home to visit a neighbour when the Vice Chairman’s wife hurled some taunts at him. He said that he ignored her.
He said that he believes that the animosity stems from a land dispute between his mother and the Vice Chairman. This was settled in favour of his mother in court.
Later that day, according to Poonwah, as he was returning home the woman again started hurling taunts at him calling him a, ‘lowlife,” at which point in time he said, “Who you calling a lowlife.”
With that, according to Poonwah, the woman approached him and dealt him a slap but before she could hit him again he pushed her off.
He said that her husband subsequently approached him from behind and dealt him a punch to his face and knocked him unconscious.
Poonwah said that when he regained consciousness he was on his back in the yard of the Vice Chairman and the man was punching and kicking him. “He wife get a stick and lash me up and he daughter all went knocking me.”
Poonwah’s reputed wife said that he heard a commotion out on the road and she realised that there was a crowd of people that had gathered and were appealing to the family to stop beating the boy.
She said that she ran to him and started to pull at the Vice Chairman pleading with him to stop beating her husband when he turned and dealt her a slap which threw her to the ground.
Not daunted by this she said she rushed to her husband’s aid again and after some push and pull she managed to get him away from the family and they took him to the hospital.
The duo reported that unknown to the Vice Chairman, that the boy was rushed to the hospital, he went to the police station and collected several ranks who went to their residence.
Poonwah said that he learnt that the police kicked in the gate and arrested his brother but he was later released after it was learnt that it was the wrong person.
A report was subsequently made to the police station against the Vice Chairman and his family and Poonwah and his reputed wife have since managed to retain the services of attorney at law Khemraj Ramjattan.


Sunday, January 17, 2010